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Work packages

WP1 – Communications, Dissemination & Capacity Development (AEIDL)

Objective: To create and manage all the adequate channels to communicate and disseminate the project core themes and results to transfer knowledge, enhanced understanding and awareness by all partners, COPs members, stakeholders and intermediaries of farmers’ and farm workers’ health and safety issues.

Task 1.1 Communications, Dissemination & Exploitation Plan
Task 1.2 Online Channels, Website and SafeHabitus Knowledge Hub
Task 1.3 Practice Abstracts, Webinars, Communication and Dissemination Products
Task 1.4 Internal Communications, Training & Communication Support
Task 1.5 SafeHabitus film festival
Task 1.6 SafeHabitus Engage Programme – summer schools

WP2 – Communities of Practice (LUKE)

Objective: To implement the SafeHabitus multi-actor approach by establishing COPs in eleven EU MS (Romania, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland and Estonia) to empower farm safety and health actors and relevant stakeholders to share knowledge, enhance understanding and co-create practical solutions of OSH issues and their implications for farmers, farm workers, farm stakeholders and rural communities.

Task 2.1 Training of the COPs administrators and facilitators to implement and evaluate the multi-actor approach
Task 2.2 Fostering multi-actor innovation
Task 2.3 Mapping the Farm Health and Safety Knowledge Innovation System
Task 2.4 Multi-actor National Policy Dialogues

WP3 – Farm Work Risk Management (Teagasc)

Objective: To improve understanding and awareness of farmer and farm worker health and safety; to enhance understanding of the causes and consequences of farm workplace injuries and illnesses; to develop and evaluate the farm occupational health and safety risk management tools; to co-design and evaluate approaches to increase engagement with and use of risk management tools.

Task 3.1 Using data to improve understanding and awareness of farmer and farm worker health and safety
Task 3.2 Survivor Stories: Understanding the causes and consequences of FHS challenges
Task 3.3 Development and evaluation of farm occupational health and safety risk management tools
Task 3.4 Co-designing approaches to increase engagement of specific agricultural production sectors and populations with risk management tools

WP4 – Enhancing the attractiveness of farming (ZRC Sazu)

Objective: To equip the farming sector with innovative solutions that increase opportunities for the most vulnerable groups, improve the attractiveness of agricultural work and reduce the feeling of being left behind.

Task 4.1 Anticipating farming futures
Task 4.2 Assessing the future attractiveness of farming
Task 4.3 Innovating to build resilience, protect health and wellbeing and improve quality of life

WP5 – From Fork to Farms and Workers (Oxfam)

Objective: To evaluate the OSH experiences of Mobile Workers working in the EU; to analyse consumers’ willingness to pay for more ethical working conditions; to identify business models that reward improved working conditions through premium prices; to evaluate the enabling conditions for market developments supporting ethical working conditions in farming; to support wider use of corporate social responsibility innovations amongst farm businesses.

Task 5.1 Mobile Workers: What are the hazards and protections?
Task 5.2 The Fork – Analysis of consumer’s awareness and demand of socially sustainable food
Task 5.3 The Chain – Enabling conditions for market developments supporting ethical working conditions
Task 5.4 The Workers – Qualitative fieldwork with Inter and Intra EU Mobile Workers
Task 5.5 Ethical Trade Forums: supporting fair trade

WP6 – Policy and Governance (Ciheam)

Objective: To drive the process of translating the proposed solutions developed as part of the research, analysis, and activities of WPs2 – 6, into policy proposals that support their scaling-up and widespread adoption through improved policy and governance measures. They will be inspired by the foresight and will design the means to realise these futures.

Task 6.1 Mapping and assessing relevant EU policy and governance frameworks
Task 6.2 Establish and coordinate a European Policy Forum for Farm Health and Safety
Task 6.3 To develop recommendations promoting strengthening of the FHS KIS and policy options that support farmer and farm worker health and safety
Task 6.4 Developing policy tools

WP7 – Project management and coordination (Teagasc)

Objective: To undertake all the administration and management activities required to ensure that the work programme as organised in WP1 – WP 6 runs in a timely fashion and all reporting requirements are fulfilled within the specified time.

Task 7.1 Establish and chair the Management Structures: The Project Management Committee and the General Assembly
Task 7.2 Contractual and financial management
Task 7.3 Monitoring Plan
Task 7.4 Kick-off meeting & Annual General Meetings

WP8 – Ethics requirements

Objective: To ensure compliance with the ‘ethics requirements’ set out in this work package.