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CoP Slovenia: Safety on farms between legislation, statistics, experience and needs

Jun 19, 2024 | News

On 22 May 2024, the core group of the Slovenian CoP met to discuss the challenges and needs in the field of farm safety, one of the three priority topics identified at the first CoP meeting. The participants gained insights into the legal framework of workplace safety, accident statistics, and concrete safety practices on a farm.

Worrying trends in farm safety

The statistical data on accidents in the agricultural sector presented at the meeting revealed a worrying picture. The normalisation of risky behaviour by farmers and health professionals as well as ignorance of and non-compliance with existing safety regulations, often lead to serious accidents, long-term illnesses, sick leave, and even fatalities.

The participants also expressed concern about the incompleteness of accident statistics, as the data currently only covers socially insured farmers, but not children, women, pensioners and people who farm in their spare time.

Legislative and practical change

Safety experts and farmers joined the meeting to present current accident statistics and experiences, with a focus on accidents involving machinery, tractors and accidents in the forests. Participants also had the opportunity to learn about the safety precautions and behaviours of the farm owners who hosted the CoP meeting.

In addition to the necessary improvements in labour law, the members of the CoP proposed concrete sectoral changes and placed particular emphasis on raising awareness of farm safety through courses, the education of children and the use of cohesion funds for projects and research in the field of safety in agriculture.

The next CoP meeting will take place in the autumn and will focus on social security issues, especially for women farmers.