Organised by Instituto Universitario de Estudios sobre Migraciones (IUEM – Comillas) and Oxfam Intermon in coordination with the Safehabitus Consortium.

Globally, as the number of small farms declines intensive agriculture is at the heart of food supply chains, often based on a workforce filled by seasonal and migrant workers. These workers’ labour and working conditions are a growing concern for agriculture and food value chain stakeholders, including policymakers and consumers. This seminar, the first of the SafeHabitus Engage Programme, draws on existing research about this topic to have a first approximation to these issue for all consortium members.

SafeHabitus is a Horizon Europe research project that seeks to increase understanding and awareness of the occupational health and safety challenges facing farmers and farm workers, including seasonal and migrant workers, and apply this knowledge to co-create social innovations and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that tackle these challenges and support improvements in working conditions in agriculture.