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SafeHabitus consortium urged Member States to improve farm safety data

Jun 19, 2024 | News

Self-employed farmers and their family members make up 86% of the 17,000,000 farm workers in the EU, yet the methodology for reporting European statistics on accidents at work does not require the reporting of injuries sustained by these groups. This means that the vast majority injuries and fatalities affecting the EU’s population of farmers and farm workers go unrecorded and unreported. Critically, the lack of data negatively affects the development of effective policies that improve working conditions on family farms across the EU.

To tackle these issues, the EU Commission proposed to add questions about farmer and farm safety to the Farm Sustainability Data Network (FSDN) annual survey. Member States will decide on this proposal by June 2024. The SafeHabitus Consortium urges Member States to support the FSDN update and the addition of questions related to the injuries sustained by all farm workers, the existence of a Farm Safety Plan, and the provision of safety trainings for all farm workers and family members. These will provide valuable insights into farm safety risk factors and management practices at both national and EU levels.
Healthy and safe farmers are at the heart of socially sustainable farming. The lack of comprehensive data covering all farmers and farm workers undermines the ability of the EU and the Member States to develop and fund policy measures that improve the quality of life of farmers, their families and workers. This new approach will make it clear that the wellbeing of farmers their families and workers is a priority.