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The Finnish CoP is now on LinkedIn

Dec 14, 2023 | News

The Finnish Community of Practice (FinCoP) has recently created a primary social media channel on LinkedIn called “FinCoP SafeHabitus”.

The goal is to establish efficient and clear communication with our Finnish audience, specifically the FinCoP stakeholders. This means conveying the message of the SafeHabitus project and sharing the insights derived from the CoPs’ efforts. This communication strategy aims to foster continued engagement among FinCoP members and the broader CoP network in Finland even after the project concludes. FinCoP is actively reinforcing through its activity the primary project communication channels, namely project’s website, LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, and X profile. This ensures alignment with the SafeHabitus brand and coherence with the project’s name and the Community of Practice (CoP) concept. This strategy not only strengthens FinCoP’s network communication channels but also enhances connectivity across them.  

FinCoP are engaged in the process of building followers on the LinkedIn page, primarily targeting FinCoP members and their respective networks. This initiative is geared towards establishing a robust communication network, where each member has the potential to disseminate the SafeHabitus message throughout their individual social media networks. This approach amplifes the reach and impact of the SafeHabitus project and allows FinCoP to build one dedicated space to present a cohesive and impactful message about the CoP initiatives, insights, and outcomes in Finland, making it also easy for others to follow and stay up to date with the activities.

Project communication will utilize a diverse range of formats and actions. This includes publishing articles on various thematic online networks, sharing posts online, creating live drawings – visual summaries after each our Community of Practice (CoP) meeting, participating in thematic events that align with the target audience, and establishing another media presence like thematic magazines or newspapers. These activities will be streamlined through the main channel: FiFnCoP SafeHabitus LinkedIn profile.